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  • Varsity Assignment Secretary Letter

    Clark Calvert
    Varsity Assignment Secretary
    Fort Worth Football Officials
    P.O. Box 1685
    Fort Worth, TX 76101
    Chapter Cell: (817) 820-9291
    Cell: (214) 577-8774

    Coaches and AD's,

    Thank you for choosing the Fort Worth Chapter for the 2018 Football Season. The information we are requesting from you on the following pages in this form are very important to us. Please enter the correct information in every required box so I can properly enter all games, blocks, etc. into our assigning base. I am aware spring games and fall scrimmage dates change, but please enter the current dates and times for them so I can get officials assigned to them properly. Also, please list ALL home games only in your request form. "Requested" crews are located next to each home game in the drop down box. You can select up to 5 crews to be considered for each home game or leave them blank for "best available" which will be assigned by myself. It is my goal to accommodate all your requests, but some could be assigned if the requests are not available at the time of your submittal. After completing these pages and carefully proof reading them, click on the submit button at the bottom of the last page. Once you click submit, all your completed information will be emailed to me directly.

    Please note that any Fall Scrimmages that are scheduled for Friday August 17th or 24th before 5:00pm will NOT be covered by any official(s). These are normal business days for our officials and the demand cannot be met. I look forward to serving you and your program for the 2018 season. Feel free to contact me anytime with issues, questions or concerns you might have.


    Clark Calvert
    Clark Calvert
  • School Information

    Please fill out all the forms completly. A copy will be sent to the email that you provide for the head coach.
    Leave Athletic Director blank if same as Head Coach.
    Leave Additional Contact blank if you do not want to add anyone else.
  • Scrimmage Request

    Enter the dates (spring and/or fall), time, location and opponent below if you would like officials to work your scrimmage. We will do our best to provide you with an adequate number of officials.
    Spring Game
    Home Fall Scrimmage 1
    Home Fall Scrimmage 2
    Home Fall Scrimmage 3
  • Regular Season Request

    Chains & Clock

    If you have requested Chain Crews and or Clock Operators you will be notified by August 1st if FWFO will be able to fulfill this request. If this request is fulfilled, you have agreed to the pay rates of $60 for Chain Crew members and $65 for Clock Operators.


    For each HOME game please select up to 5 crews. Officials are not allowed to work more than 3 games: 2 home and 1 away for a single school.
    NOTE: Please do not enter the same 5 crews for every home game.

    Click Here to open the 2018 Crew Directory in a new tab.
    Game 1
    Game 2
    Game 3
    Game 4
    Game 5
    Game 6
  • Block Officials

    Before you "block" an individual official please check the Registered Crew List to see if that individual is on a crew. If so, please understand that this will "block" the whole crew. When you enter the name of the official you would like to "block" include the name of the crew chief as well.
    For example, if Smith is on Jones crew, then enter Smith (Jones) in the individual column. This will help the assignment secretary when explaining to the crew chief why his crew has been “blocked” by a particular school.
    Click Here to open the 2018 Crew Directory in a new tab.
    Click Here to open the 2018 Pool Officials Directory in a new tab.
  • Please verify the information you entered is correct before clicking submit. A copy will be sent to the email address you entered for the Head Coach.